With the emergence of AI and image recognition capabilities, DAM solutions are becoming smarter and more intuitive to use than ever before. Watch the webinar to discover the growing role AI will play in the future of DAM and learn about some of the exciting new features coming to OpenAsset.

In this webinar, you'll learn:


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The current tagging challenges of Digital Asset Management solutions

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A brief history of AI and the current capabilities of AI services today

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How Amazon Rekognition AI will make OpenAsset's user experience more intuitive

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Sneak peak into the new features and updates coming to OpenAsset

Featured Speaker 

Daniel Emmerson
Co-Founder & Joint CEO 


"The system speaks to our industry. It understands the fact that our work is project based. And through this it has lessened the learning curve for users. I would definitely recommend OpenAsset to other firms – and I have."

Marketing Database Administrator, AEI