How much could my firm save through adopting DAM?

Calculate the ROI of Digital Asset Management

What could your company save through adopting DAM?
Use our ROI calculator to find out.

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can save your firm time and effort in creating marketing assets and business development collateral that ultimately wins you business.

The benefits of DAM to your AEC or Real Estate firm will be significant whether you're a small 10 person firm or a worldwide company with 4,000 employees. As with any new SAAS product you bring into your firm, there is always the question of Return on Investment (ROI). 

We've put together a simple calculator to give you an idea of the ROI your firm could expect from adopting DAM. 

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM) and how could it help my company?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the process of managing all of an organization’s digital assets. It is much more than a simple storage device for files or a shared drive. Digital assets need to be organized so that they are searchable and can be used appropriately. A big part of DAM is, ultimately, the management of the digital asset lifecycle. Assets need to be created, managed, distributed, and then preserved or archived. Industries with extensive collections of media assets need to be able to quickly supply these to employees across the organization. DAM is a marketing technology tool that allows management throughout the lifecycle, ensuring that users can easily find, share and amend assets.

What do you need to know to calculate your ROI?

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Find out your potential ROI from DAM

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