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Digital Asset Management for the Built World

AEC, Real Estate & Hospitality firms have their own unique commercial needs. 

Firms in the built world have unique needs. When it comes to the tech you use, it should reflect the way you operate as a business. Why use a solution designed for FMCG brands when that's not how the built world operates?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is part of a modern tech stack; it helps firms make the most of the digital content you use to market your firm and bid for new business. 

OpenAsset is a DAM designed specifically for firms in the Built Environment. Find out how it can benefit your firm. 

In this whitepaper we look at:

DAM for the Built World:

 Why the Built World is unique

 What is OpenAsset?

 What are the benefits of DAM?

 Who uses OpenAsset?

 How can OpenAsset help?

OpenAsset features for the Built World:

 Project Map

 Project Portfolio

 Employee Module


 OpenAsset Camera App

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