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Tech Trends in Real Estate 2019

New tech is here to revolutionize the Real Estate industry. 

Modern technology is rapidly evolving and changing the way that every business operates. Technology demands attention from business owners as it has the potential to be an enabler, a disruptor and a risk.

But this new technology has the potential to entirely reshape the real estate landscape, bringing with it  improvements for business owners and customers alike. It offers the opportunity to improve efficiencies, engage customers and gain invaluable insights. 

In this whitepaper we look at:

Real Estate & Tech

 What's changing?

What is PropTech?

 What are the stats?

 Defining PropTech

 Why firms need to consider new tech

 How will PropTech change Real Estate?

Real Estate Tech Trends 

 Artificial Intelligence

 Augmented Reality

 The Cloud

 Big Data

 Internet of Things


Tech Trends in Real Estate


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