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The Guide To Calculating Your ROI From DAM 

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and how to prove your ROI from DAM

There are lots of aspects to consider when evaluating the potential ROI of a DAM system. Having a DAM solution in place will give you greater marketing productivity and process efficiencies, but this often needs to have a tangible value to sell the idea into the budget holders.

If you’re trying to not only estimate the potential ROI of your chosen DAM solution but to justify the numbers behind it, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide is an explanation of our DAM calculator, breaking down what goes into the numbers so you can have confidence in the output. Not only will you come out of it with a realistic calculation that you can trust but the process of working out the answer will help you further demonstrate the value of DAM to your organization.

Once You've Read This Guide You'll Be Able To 

Calculate your ROI from DAM

 Know which calculations you need

 Put a tangible value to DAM

 Get the numbers budget holders need

Prove DAM is needed at your firm

 Know the key benefits of DAM

 Map benefits to your firms needs

 Tailor benefits to get stakeholder buy-in

Create a winning business case

 Know the fundamentals you need

 Identify stakeholders

 Get the numbers to back up your case

Understand the features of OpenAsset 

 The benefits of a project based DAM 

 How to streamline workflows

 Why we're the no.1 DAM for AEC

You Know Why You Need DAM, Now Get The Numbers To Prove It

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