Find out why your company needs DAM

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM)

How to successfully implement and maintain a DAM in AEC and Real Estate firms

Our ultimate guide will help you through all stages of selecting and adopting a DAM, including:

  • What is Digital Asset Management (DAM) and why it matters to your business.
  • How to assess your DAM needs.
  • What to look for when evaluating and selecting a DAM.
  • Tips for successful implementation and company wide adoption of your chosen DAM.

OpenAsset have helped over 600 AEC and real estate clients get started with DAM. Working with small architecture firms with 10 team members up to large construction companies with 4,000+ employees. Our DAM works across projects, just like your business.

Digital Asset Management for AEC and Real Estate


What is DAM

Why DAM matters

Basic DAM features


Assess your DAM needs

Cloud v. On-Premise DAM

Calculate DAM ROI

Evaluation & Purchase

Evaluate DAM vendors

Review DAM technology

Select a DAM


Upload content



Document creation

Ongoing DAM Success

Expand user base

Encourage adoption

Expand functionality

Why AEC and Real Estate Firms Adopt DAM


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