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Growing Business in Real Estate
with Marketing and DAM

Business growth is important across any sector but the competitive nature of Real Estate means a clear and measurable marketing strategy is fundamental in order to generate new and repeat business. 

From setting objectives to budgeting and channels for growth we run through the process from end to end. We look at the technology that underpins your marketing campaigns and activities, with a view to how Digital Asset Management (DAM) can support your tasks. 

This Ebook is designed for both residential and commercial Real Estate firms. 

Growing your Real Estate business

Objective Setting

 Why you need objectives

 Long-term vs short-term

 Impact on business culture


 How to set Marketing budgets 

 Budgeting for Martech

 Digital Asset Management ROI

Channels for Growth

 7 must have marketing channels

 How to maximize each channel

 How to measure success

The Right Tech Stack 

 Why it's important

 Combining your technology

 The winning tech stack 

In this Ebook you'll learn about

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