How WK Dickson’s Marketing Team Reclaimed 25% of Their Time

Learn the undeniable benefits of the OpenAsset + Deltek Vantagepoint integration

Get 25% of your marketing team's time back each week?

At WK Dickson, this is a reality.

The marketing team at WK Dickson has successfully achieved what many AEC firms dream of: effectively integrating their tools to improve efficiency with their marketing workflows and save significant time.

In our upcoming webinar on July 17th, Jennifer Barker, Corporate Marketing Specialist at WK Dickson, will share how she has effectively integrated OpenAsset and Deltek Vantagepoint to speed up proposal and collateral creation, drive seamless cross-team collaboration, and create one source of truth for project data – all leading to tremendous time savings for her team.

Join Jennifer Barker along with CJ Teeter, Customer Success Manager at OpenAsset, and Amanda Roussel, Sr Consultant at Full Sail Partners, to hear proven strategies to reclaim 25% (or more!) of your marketing team's valuable time, just like WK Dickson did!

Register for our FREE webinar and learn:
  • Jennifer’s tried & true tips for templatizing and streamlining your proposal, resume, and other marketing document creation processes
  • How to integrate your firm’s existing tech stack to reduce duplicate data entry
  • Key takeaways from WK Dickson's experience with the transition of Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint, with the help of Full Sail Partners
  • How to optimize your existing data within Deltek Vantagepoint through the OpenAsset integration

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